Banging in Bangkok (Part 1)

Following a month of a surprising dry spell in what was supposed to be a White Man’s Playground, January brought a much needed relief. Second part of this post will contain an in-depth daygame lay report from March, while this first part deals with my non-daygame (although utilizing many similar principles) shenanigans in Janury and February.

To document my journey I will summarize my lays briefly, but since this is a daygame blog I will keep it as short as possible.

1. Tinder Fattie (6, 25yo, Thai)

I gave in and downloaded Tinder. Well, partially my motivation was to practice texting and my friends were getting some decent dates, so I declared a wartime emergency measures, said “fuck it”, and swipped a bit.

That resulted in a date with a girl who was more chubby then on her pics. The positives were that (1) I stepped up my texting game (2) I got her out on a date late in the evening and took her straight from Venue 0 (metro station) to my home (3) fucked her under 2 hours from meeting her.

I bought her dinner $3 Uber Eats, as this was my excuse to go “to my roofdeck” (which was already closed by then hence we went to my room).

What was uncool (other than it being a Tinder hookup) was that she was on her period 🤮🤮🤮

2. Little Sister (8, 22yo, Thai)

Second lay is more noteworthy and it gave me an insight into Thai dating culture. And by Thai dating culture I do not mean farmer girls who just moved to Bangkok, bearly speak English, and is anonymous because her family is far away. This was a pretty girl with a college degree, 5000 facebook followers, plenty of options, and family watching her every move (both Dad and Mom and Sister would repeatedly call when we were on dates).

Short story, my buddy’s online date brought her sister and I went as a wingmen on the date. He’s pretty chodey and I was in a good mood, so it felt like shooting prey trapped in a room with an automatic rifle. Attraction material was firing, I was acting like an alpha caveman, and killing just it. We ended up having a great night and I by the end of the night I had my tongue down her throat multiple times despite her Big Sisters warnings “You cannot make out with her!”

This girl was as K-selected as they come (only had sex with 1 guy before – her boyfriend at 18yo), and I decided to bend the rules a bit and sing the K-song. Because of cockblocking by Bigger Bister and the fact the she was bearly allowed to hang out with me alone in the beginnig, it took many dates and pretty much implying a boyfriend-girlfiend relationship before I could close it (and close it I did a month later when I took her with me on a trip). She was very beautiful and probably sweetest girl I have ever dated. Her innosence made sex quite amazing every time we had it – it was like pissing on an unspoiled snow – although it wasn’t mindblowing.

The positive was great experience, and her ultra innocent feminine energy. The negative is that I felt a bit dishonest because I knew that I was going to leave her, and I was lying to her about not seeing other girls.

3. Malaysian Tinder (7, 19yo, Malaysian)

Last lay, was another tinder hook up in Singapore where I was for a week.

I somehow did not have a lot of energy for approaching and 25-30 approeaches during the week all yielded 1 number close per day which ultimately flaked. This was clearly different from my previous Singapore trips when I did 75-80 approaches in a week and had new daygame 2-3 lays per trip.

3 nights to go and I matched with a girl in the morning and met up with her the same evening. She was bubbly and spoke very good English. She was getting over a break up with an older white guy, and I graciously, and selflessly, volunteered to be her rebound. I fucked her the same night and got her an Uber home next morning. The following night, I took her to a bar for dinner and drinks, and she shows up in short skirt and stockings. After chatting for a few minutes she goes to a toilet and comes back with no stockings:

-“You should take off your underwear too”, I tell her.

-“I’m not wearing any”, she replies.

I took her to my favorite cocktails bars, fingered her at each one of them while sitting at the bar, and finally fucked her on my balcony in Singapore. She tells me her kinky 50 shades fantasies that she wants to experience and I’m planning a trip with her to make her filthy dreams come true. I was planning on some really dirty dirty weekend getaway.

Unfortunately, the next night, my last night in Singapore, she gets some food poisoning and pretty much shits my bed, which effectively kilss my attraction for her.

Shit happens. Literally.

Also, she gave me Chlamydia, as I found out couple weeks later.

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