Banging in Bangkok (Part 2)

Less than a week to go in Bangkok and I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve conceded the fact that I didn’t get a proper daygame lay.

Went to the mall to eat and after making effortless 2-3 approaches (that did not go anywhere probably because of “no english” or some other reason), I was going to call it a day and chill.

But then I saw her. Walking in the Embassy Central mall, 1 floor below me. The way she walked…like she wanted to get fucked…like it’s described in the Daygame Infinite pre-approach section. It caught my eye because I’ve been blind approaching up to this point. I’ve been hesitant to focus on IOIs too much because I knew I would use it as an excuse to weasel out and not approach. But, I decided to keep the signs in the back of my mind so that I can learn how to spot them.

And somehow this girl fit the picture. She kinda gave me a quick look as she was coming up the escalator (IOI?) and I stopped her shortly after she reached the top and started walking.

“Excuse me, I hope you speak english”

I dont remember how the stack went but she spoke fluent English as she studied in the US for a year in high school. We joked about US, and I made sure the convo was fizzy and energetic.

She was a nurse, 24 years old,

I made sure to spike the convo up as this was my weakness in the past:

  • when she says that she has a job now and is not a student anymore, I said “oh look at you, you’re all grown up now…”
  • when she said something about being here for dinner, and I asked “You said you’re here for TINDER? Oh my god…”

She enjoyed the convo and my accusations and vibes were good. Her logical mind would kick in every now and then “I can’t believe I am talking to you”.

There was this fun energy and electricity in the air and yet you could feel her being a bit scared. When I rocked my body forward a bit she would move away a bit. It was sexual, it was like a dance. Like a girl that meets a big furry monster in the woods and she is both intrigued by him yet scared of him.

I think Krauser talks about defensive, slightly intimidated pussy being good for attraction and this was definitelly the case here.

She seemed to really be going to dinner and I wanted to quit at the high point so I number closed and went home. Somewhere between 5-10 min set.

She replied to a feeler the same night we texted a little bit. Again I made an effort not to ask for a date right away as I used to in the past but worked on warming it up a bit first.

Stepping up my text game, yesterday

Since she said that the next day was her day off I asked if she wants to meet for a coffee. She replied the next morning as she fell asleep already (or maybe was not sure then).

We set up a date for 5pm which became more like 7:00pm cause we were both running late.

Venue 0, met her in the mall by info desk teased her about being late. She looked a bit less sexy than I remembered (later she explained she was going to her hospital so she could not dress to sexy), but I was determined to get that notch. Took her to a nice roofdeck bar. On the way I could sense she was a bit uneasy so I made sure to be cool and keep the convo going and tease her a bit and keep it fun.

We sat on the roofdeck drank a drink (thank god she drinks) and had a nice convo. A lot of comfort, get to know each other, light kino escalation (touching her ripped jeans and her hands). Despite bubbly American-style personality, she was shy like most Thai girls and could not sustain a prolonged eye contact with me.

“Stop looking at me like that!” she would say and giggle and hide her eyes like a little girl (Which game me a hard on).

We switched from comfort to attraction and comfort again and it was flowing nicely. I let the akward silence fall upon us later on to spike it up and show that I am not scared of silence and it worked well.

She became more comfortable and commented later on how I am “full of myself.” (in a “and hence I want your sperm to impregnate me” kinda way).

She had to get up at 7am next day, but it was still early maybe 9 or so, and she said something to the extend that “having to go to work doesn’t stop her from partying”. Plus I was leaving on Monday so it was now or never.

In the back of my mind I was thinking logistics. I was also a bit nervous about not escalating enough, but one of the things I told myself was to not escalate too quickly. Tthat’s actually one part of the game I have no problems with – I’m not scared to escalate really and if I sense she’s OK with it I’ll do it. In NYC, at night time, I kissed girls within minutes of talking to them or described to them how I want to fuck them in all sorts of kinky ways.

I was going to take her to another roofdeck or feel out if she wants to come to my apartment. So I said we are going to another bar, and on the way down I took her to another place in the same hotel that has a big bright lobby with an outdoor area a bit more secluded in attempt to try to kiss close her. However, it didn’t feel right to do it just yet and she had this eneergy “why did you bring me here” so I just said “Oh I just wanted to show you the view, I like it”.

The big bright lobby had live music and she liked it. I hesitated. It was too bright for Venue 2 and not private enough. But it was pretty empty and I liked the idea of not wasting time (and having to walk through the heat and noise) to move to another bar.

So we stayed and she sat next to me on the couch. She kinda knew one of the performers (boyfriend of her gay friend). More talk and she was very receptive to my touch (hair length touching routine etc.). Showing me pics of her in sexy evening dresses on her phone. I attempted to kiss close and she smiled and turned her head. “That’s fine I’ll try again in 5 minutes.” But she was OK with my hand under her shirt touching her bare back.

Conversation was more and more sexual. We talked about fuckbuddies (she said all her friends have one). And I threw out all the classic lines (worlds expects us to live this fairly tale disney fantasy but the reality is that we all have desires etc).

It really felt like I was being interviewed for the Secret Society.

The shittests kept flying here and there.

-“I’m a ladyboy!”, she stated.

-“I know. That’s exactly what I’m after”, I replied.

After couple kiss close attempts:

HER: “I’m going to ask for garlic so that I smell and you dont want to kiss me!”

ME: Garlic smelling ladyboys give me a hard on.

2 drinks down each (she mentioned something that she drinks more, the more drunk she gets, and I wasn’t going to stop her), and I decided to go for extraction.

ME: “Let’s go to my place. I have a pool on the roof and we can sit there and drink wine”

I knew very well, the pool closed half an hour ago, but this line has served me well in the past (even in places that had no roofdeck or pool at all) and I was not going to fuck around with a tool that works.

She agreed. It took a bit to get the check and we agreed it’s best to walk. It was an interesting 15 minute walk back. I felt that through out conversations and the way it felt, we both implicitly agreed we’re going to bang without explicitly stating that (under expicitly state “no expactations clause” of course). But I know that logical brain has it’s say and I talked a lot to keep it occupied. Nevertheless, I could feel her uneasiness and the logical brain taking over.

HER: “Am I going to be safe?”

ME: “No, I’m a very dangerous person”

HER: “I have a knife in my purse”

ME: “My fantasy is to get stabbed by a ladyboys with garlic breath. Perfect!”

She ended up back in my hotel. We picked up the wine in the little cafe downstairs (she chatted in Thai with the clerk who told her I always buy this wine apparently. I wondered if he told her that every time I buy it its with a different girl)

Conveniently she had to use the bathroom so we went to my room. She used the toiled, and I poured the wine and turned on the music. Then I used the toilet and by the time I came out she was sitting down on the chair. Girls are so predictable sometimes.

I sat down on the sofa next to it leaving space for her. Leaned back and started chatting. My intention was to never leave (which worked before) and even though she mentioned something about leaving to go to the roof, she said herself it’s nicer here becasue if AC.

I invited her to sit on the couch but she said no and said that she loved how comfy the chair was (in a joking way). So I just played it cool talked a bit more and let her get more comfortabe. After a bit I tried again and said I want to show her some pics.

She agreed and sat next to me and there was pictures and touching. I think I kissed closed her and kissed her neck and somehow the topic of sex came up.

HER: “I’m on my period”

ME: “I dont care its natural”

I was determined to get that notch so I made it seem like its no big deals and she was saying how its her 1st day and its supper bloody blah blah.

Long story short, she took a shower and I banged her 10-15 minutes later.

We chatted and she said how she told her gay friend before coming that “She needed to get fucked really hard”

That was interesting beacause she was on her period and hence not ovulating, but maybe she had no sex for a while. It was exciting news because that meant that my guess that she’s horny when I saw her was right!

Since she said that she wanted to get fucked hard, we went for more fucking. I was pulling her hair and choking her. She bit me and scratched. I would have face fucked her but couldnt because of the damn Chlamydia I contracted and was just diagnosed with 2 days before (make sure to wrap it on Tinder – or more like STDinder – dates, comrades. Even with decent looking 19-yo). But I spanked her, and at some point took of my belt, folded it in two and whipped her ass as hard as I could. I read it on some blog that you have to push her boundries to see where they are.

The finale was very magical. I sat comfortably on the couch, naked. And she kinda knelt by my left foot and put her face on my lap, cheek touching my thigh. It felt like she was totally dominated and submissive to my masculine energy. I put my hand in her hair and gently rubbed it saying “good girl, such a gooooood girl, in deep slow and low relaxed and satisfied voice. We stayed like that in darkness for a while, and it felt really good.

Afterwards I told her I want cigarette so she showered and called a taxi (I offered to get an uber but she siad she can get her own).

This was one of the most satisfying pick ups. Maybe because it didnt happen for a while. But also maybe I finally picked up a well-educated and working Thai-girl who seemed so ellusive up to this point. It felt like I got intertviewed for Secret Society, gave all the right answers, and was accepted.

Viva Daygame!

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