The Princess near miss

I stop this fast walking girl late in the eveing on major daygame routes in Warsaw.

22-yo student. A very solid 7. My wing was watching from behind and he later said he could see outline of her sexy panties under her tight skirt.

She had some cosmetic procedure done to her eye-lashes just before and was concious about her look but the energy was good. She was going away for few days. As she was an engineer I kept up some light texting about how she has to design a gigantic castle for me in Warsaw etc. She says that my stop “made her day”

When we were scheduling the meet up about a week to 10 days later, she wanted to meet in the center of old town (so there’s many people around in case im a pscho-killer, she explained later).

“Dress cute, so we match ;)” I text as per usual

“I will be your princess tonight” she replies

And look like a princess she did. I watched her emerge from behind the column in Warsaw’s historic Old Town. Beautiful light blue dress, heels, and long blond hair. Amazing thing about the daygame is that they always typically look better than how you remember them.

If she was this hot, I would cry over this near miss

We went for a walk around the old town and she started becoming comfortable pretty quickly. I took her to a classy bar (she just wanted a coffee) that I like but it was busy and it cigar smell was pretty strong so I suggested we walk to another one (close to my apartment where I intended to devour the princess).

It was a long 45 minute stroll, given that she was wearing heels. It felt quite romantic, evening breeze, and all. Light kino, which she seemed to gladly absorb. There was magical feeling about it. In hindsight, because there was a long time from meet to D2 and she was away in her small home town, she must have built up some fantasy of me.

Finally, we made it to my go-to date coffee shop (they have nice chocolates and wine in addition to coffee). We take coffee (for her), wine (for me), and chocolates (to share) to go. The girl behind the counter makes some comment “oh yes, yes, as always” since I have been to that shop 3 days in the row that week on dates with different girls. I don’t think she meant it as a cock-blocking comment, but my girl kinda picked up on it (not sure if it was positive or negative) but I just said “oh yeah, im a regular customer here since i live around”

I take her to a park few minutes away. The way she looks at me, she’s totally mesmerized and ready for a kiss.

We walk a bit more and I made out with her. She melts into me. I suggest another coffee/wine place near me, but it turns out to be closed so I just take her to my apartment.

We sit on my balcony and make out and I carry her to my bedroom saying something about princesses etc.

Making out is good and soon I unbotton her princessy dress and am fingering her on my bed.

I try to go for a fuck but it is then, as I take off my jeans, when the bubble bursts and she says “You’re just trying to fuck me!”

As I go to the bathroom I do a quick mental check. I met up with her less than two hours ago and I am fingering her on my bed. She’s a smart and beautiful 22yo. Very K-selected. I was moving too fast. Her rational brain sounded the alarm which pierced the love bubble.

Mood goes a bit sour from there, she gets dressed very quickly, and wants to leave. I walk her out to get a taxi. She complains a bit how guys just try to fuck her.

Despite the fact that she gave me nothing but green lights for escalation along the way, it was too much for her to realize we are about to have sex.

Nash has quite a bit of discussion on his blog about how “she has the break, you have the accelerator” and how you have to drive in a way she never has to use it.

In this case she never had to use the break. She got distracted by the love bubble and her fantasies my smooth game, but somehow we got to the final destination too fast and she had “where the fuck am I, what the fuck I am about to do, good princess like me don’t do dat shit” moment.

We text couple times next day but I quickly get a sense that that lead is dead.

In hindsight, I would have taken it much slower in my apartment. Maybe watch a movie. Kiss. Don’t rush for the close.

Well, Krauser makes an analogy somewhere in Daygame Mastery that in order to find out what your car is capable of you need to crash it a few times.

Viva daygame.

Crashing it, yesterday
Crashing, yesterday

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