2018 Review: Memorable Moments

In our player’s journey there are moment’s that are imprinted into our memories for years to come.

Detailed stats are in Part 1 of this post.

These are some of mine from last year:

1. [Asia]

My first lay of the year was a Tinder date (mid 20s, 6). From the meeting by subway station at 10pm-ish we went directly to my apartment. During the 10 minute walk she threatened and warned me that she has a knife and will stab me if she needed. I agreed & amplified.

Speaking of blood – she was on her period too.

2. [Asia]

My mate’s date brought her hot little sister on a date. He called me, and I showed up with my charisma guns blazing. And I ended up making out with the little sister that night. And banging her after a 5 day courtship. She was an 8, 22, highly K-selected, and I was her 2nd guy.

3, [Asia]

Matched on Tinder (at 8am while taking a shit) with a Malaysian 19yo vixen ( a very high 7) who had hots for older white guys and serious daddy issues.

Banged her on the first date that night.

2nd night she shows up at the bar wearing stockings, then decideds to take them off in the bathroom.

“You should have taken your underwear off too” I say when she comes back.

“I am not wearing any” she replies without skipping a beat.

After date number 3 she shit a bed in my hotel room due to some terrible food poisoning she got. She also gave me Chlamydia.

Gotta love romantic endings.

4. [Australia]

A late 20s, low 7, girl I fucked at a business conference said (in the after-sex interview) that she noticed me because I looked “rebelious”.

I probably could have closed the night I met her but I really needed to take a shit so I was actually glad she offered some resistance when I attempted to go to her hotel room and just closed it on the 2nd day.

5. [South America]

My friend told his Tinder date in South America to bring 2 amigas for his 2 amigos.

The trio arrived as another trio picked up at a salsa club was leaving our airbnb apartment (although we did not bang the 1st trio) and it was funny to see girls pass each other and check each other out.

The second trio though came ready to bang and after some drunk Reagetaon dancing we each banged one (mine was probably a 6, mid 20s, had babies I think).

6. [Central Europe]

Daygamed and banged a 7 – news reporter in her late 20s who makes regular appearances on mainstream TV in one of the central european countries.

7. [Europe]

A 30yo, 7-ish girl from business conference went from “wait no sex today” to “oh fuck me harder” in the same breath when I ignored her feeble objections and put it in anyways in the garden outside the venue.

8. [Russia]

Went on the Tinder date which fizzled out and the girl left.

Frustrated I went to meet up my friends and ended up hitting on a super hot girl. Who turned out to be a drunk hooker. I was so desperate I was negotiating a price but she left me anyways.

Buzzed and pissed off I started walking home around midnight and spotted a MILF (a 7, her 30s) in the outside area of the bar. I yelled something like “You! You look SO serious” from the street. She hooked and within 15 minutes I had my hand on her ass and was whispering to her “I like your friends but they have to go home now”. Then she told me she is on her period and we went to get condoms and fuck in my apartment.

She yelled “I AM YOUR DIRTY RUSSIAN WHORE!!!” as I was unleashing my frustrations by fucking her in the ass.

Later the next day I got an angry message from my Airbnb host because the cleaning staff found blood on the sheets and condom on the floor. The cleaning staff refused to pick up the condom for the reminder of my stay (and so did I).

9. [North America]

One night I decided to not go out and went to bed early. Around midnight I hear loud banging on my door – it was my friend and airbnb flatmate with two girls he brought from a bar. He was, however, drunk and forgot that he also texted his local LTR girl to come. Since the LTR was convinced she was his girlfriend some drama ensued and I ended up alone with 2 girls, in my bedroom and on my bed. I was hoping for a 3 some but one of them was a prude.

The other one briefly sucked my dick while her friend was in the other room, and fucked me next day (also was on her period probably the worst I have seen this year).

I’m thinking late 20 or early 30s, a 7.

10. [North America]

Another early 20s 7 nightgame SNL refused making out in the club because she’s not into PDA. As I realized her friends where around, I cabbed it to my airbnb right there and then. Shes aid it was the best sex in her life (I spanked her hard with my belt and made her beg for sex).

There were at least two quality near misses.

And multiple contacts from 8s who subsequently flaked (but more on that in Part 3 – Plans for 2019).

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