+1 Moscow 26yo Siberian girl

Just finished my gym and was walking back to my airbnb around noon.

My wing was getting into town the same afternoon so I was saving energy for an intense afternoon daygame session.

But when this petite girl walked by, I had to approach. If I didn’t it would be a weasel. I didn’t quite see their face, but I sped up a bit and kinda caught a glimpse confirming she was approach-worthy.

Then Boooom! I am in front of her.

I was focusing on being less logical and more flirty lately so I open with an enthusiastic vibe. Probably stacking a bit too much but she’s laughing and enjoying it. She asks me to walk with her a bit.

OK, she might be in a hurry and it’s part of the mating ritual in Moscow to walk and talk. There’s a few long traffic lights so we get to chat a bit and the vibe is sexual and flirty.

She has nothing to do so Insta date. As it’s starting to rain a bit I whisk her into a cafe nearby.

We both have cappuccinos, some comfort, touching. The vibe is so good I’m thinking SDL at this point, but she says she will not come up to my apartment to watch a movie (which I seeded in the cafe).

Texting ensues. She responds enthusiastically. And next day we are on a date. We end up having hot wine (cause moscow was fucking cold despite it being July), which I seeded when we first met. Refused kiss attempted but receptive to escalation and compliant.

Then we walked a while and ended up grabbing a quick bite at a food court – she had a borsht and I had Pielimieni and we each had a beer. Then we walked some more and had another drink at a cocktail bar. Kiss attempt #181 at this point and she lets me kiss her lips though doesn’t reciprocate.

We walk a bit more and she must be a bit buzzed cause I am, and she is half my size.

“Are you gonna try to kiss me again?”

“No not here, see that spot over there? I’ll try over there”

Later, in a dark spot on a side street, smelling romantically of cat urine, I pull her in and hold her head and properly make out with her. Few more make outs follow grabbing her ass and pulling her hair.

She says she has to go back to meet her friend and go home. I say ok and take a major 15-minute re-route to walk by my apartment.

God bless girls with poor sense of direction.

Another make out session with her pinned against gray wall of communist-style building. Ass grabbing, her hand on my cock, and her saying “you kiss me like a bad boy!”.

To someone who came from a nice guy background hearing these words is like a badge of honor.

She decides against coming up. I give her a kiss on the lips and go upstairs to take a piss, and promptly join my wing for some night game.

Next morning I notice that she texted me about 10 minutes after I went to bed. Just my name and smile. Booty call? Maybe. I reply around 2pm and she asks me to “walk” this evening, which is a code name for a date in Russia.

We meet up, I kiss her on the lips. We have a coffee to go and walk around. Long fucking walk. We stop by another food court and get some pasta and a bottle of wine. We eat and drink. Walk around and coincidently we are right by my apartment. I open the front gate and overcome token resistance.

Then at the front door to my building the Great Defense of Moscow starts.

“You might be a psychokiller!”

“You are to aggressive! I am scared!”

“You could be a human trafficker!”

“You’re saying this because you are negotiating!”

10 minutes of fucking resistance while I’m holding the front doors to my apartment building open. I’m getting very sick of this and about to tell her to go home.

Finally, she makes a leap of faith and literally almost jumps into my apartment building.

We go up to my apartment and give her space. A lot of space.

She doesn’t want more wine. So I have some and give her water. At some point she asks me to drink her water presumably to check if it was drugged. I drink it all and sit on the sopha and she sits on the chair nearby.

She says that she needs to decide if she wants to stay with me or go home cause she is missing the last metro but it sounds like her mind is made up.

Ok. Play it slow. No need to rush. Turn on the movie.

“I’m not gonna watch this movie! You’re a sneaky fox! There’s a sex scene in it!” (taling about Vicky Cristina Barcelona which I seeded before and she said it was on her list).

“Ok than you find a movie”

She picks one but we couldn’t get it to play. I said let’s just watch my movie and she again strongly objects! WTF?! Eventually I just play Vicky Cristina (cause I have it downloaded) and she really gets into it.

We’re sitting on the couch and I slowly escalate and at some point I have my finger in her pussy. Then just pick her up, take her to bed and fuck her.

She insists on condom and wouldn’t give me a BJ.

I bang her again in the morning but by that time I have about 0 interest in her.

It was really strange. Within 24h my interest in her went from super high when we were making out by my door the first night she did not wanna come up, to basically not wanting to see her again.

I haven’t had a proper daygame lay in a while (was mostly night, gutter, or online) so this was a much needed win.

Viva Daygame.

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