My Game/Daygame Story

I’ll be 40 soon after starting this blog.

Discovered game at the age of 28 amidst romantic loneliness and hearbreak. Stumbled upon David DeAngelo’s “Double Your Dating”, and subsequently other materials, which helped me go from 3 lays to 38 in the following 10 years (mostly in the 6-7 range with several 8s 💪 and several 5s 🙈 ).

At 30, or so, I have used the company “New York Dating Coach” who were teaching both daygame (not LDM but rather an improv opener – it worked and I saw head coach Art Malov, get multiple numbers from it) and night-game in NYC in 2008. I too sucessfully gotten a daygame number from a hot girl (went nowhere) but settled doing mostly social-cirlce and social events-game at that point. A year later, I met an asian american Ivy league-educated girl 9 years my junior (7 who over time deteriorated to 6 with age and added pounds) who became my on-and-off girflriend.

In 2013, when with friends in Kiev, Ukraine we were frustrated with online methods of meeting girls and started indirectly approaching girls during the day. I got laid with a young girl in Odessa that was a solid 8, perhaps a low 9. Despite seeing daygame work, I never embraced it full time and instead opportunisticly social-circle and night-gamed for 6s and 7s, while maintaining on-and-off LTR with the GF from NYC.

It started to change in 2014, when my friend told me about daygame and Yad. At the insistance of the said friend, I did my first direct daygame approach on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica: I Yad-stoped a hot asian girl.

It went like this:

She was wearing headphones and glasses and she took them off when I told her that “she looks like a yoga instructor“.

“I wish I was, I really like yoga!” she replied enthusiasticly.

“I have to go back to my friend” I said and ran away in panic as my mind turned blank, my hands were shaking, and I was about to shit my pants 💩.

I did not try daygame again until workshop with Yad himself in Stockholm in May 2015 and again in Warsaw in July 2015. I did maybe 20-40 approaches per workshop and another 50 till the end of the year after that (no lays or dates). Later that year, I broke things off with my girlfriend for good, in an effort to get better at the game and to travel.

In early 2016, I had a “mini-heartbreak” after a near-miss failed snake seduction on a surf trip in Indonesia, which shocked me into doing whole bunch of approaches in Singapore where I ended up getting laid twice with local girls during a week (37-yo married girl, a 7, and 32-yo fashion designer party girl, a low 8 and one of the greatest fucks of my life).

Later that year, through daygame, I got laid with a Mexican girl, a 7, 25-yo and got a same day BJ from a 19-year old film student, a 7 (both in Austin, TX). At that point, I concluded that I got daygame down, and booked a month-long trip to NYC – fully expecting to fuck a boatload of catwalk models and to declare myself The Winner of Life.

I was honestly a bit worried that I will get sick of having sex and constant wild orgies with all the models. Reality was different, however, and hit me in the face like a sack full of bricks: after one month of approaching and many blisters on my feet, I got exactly 0 lays not just with models but with no fucking girls. I did get tons of numbers, equal number of flakes, and 1 near miss with a Columbian volunteer street worker (I still remember how amazing her ass felt when we were making out on my bed). In all honesty, I could have most likely gotten laid with 6 or 7 from night game but I was to exhausted from daytime efforts and had no energy for it.

Crushed, I did another (3rd) workshop with Yad in Manhattan which was quite helpful in pinpointing my mistakes (lack of enthusiasm, not teasing enough on the open). Following that, I got a daygame SDL when visiting Chicago for a weekend (impressing my cousins and friends).

During the same trip, I met my last (ex)girlfriend through somewhat of a social game situation (although the pick up story deserves its own post as its legendary) – this (and prolonged travel to non-english speaking countries) distracted me from daygame again as we fell for each other (I was VERY close to settling down with her). In hindsight, even though it was an amazing year 80% of fun was had in the first 4 months – which should have been a the time to cut it off (especially since after that I lost my frame and quality of sex nosedived). She was an Asian American (low) 8, super-fun, caring, sweet, and 14-years my junior.

This blog picks up in the summer of 2016 in Singapore, where I arrived a week before my 40th birthday.

My estimated total # of daygame approaches is at 400-ish, as of the start of this blog (resulting in 5 lays).