South American Diaries

I’ve had a bit of gutter game success this year. I hate bars and clubs for pick up but I like to hunt in the areas close to bar areas where lonely horny girls wander and are prone to poor decisions due to alcohol intake.

This particular story takes place in South America last month.

Most of the trip was boring and uneventful game wise. I was moving around a lot between different cities for meetings – didn’t get a chance to do daygame and couldn’t find any nightgame. Not to mention that my Spanish is quite rusty.

But it was a Saturday night, I just got back to the city, and I had nothing to do that evening.

“I am gonna get laid!” I resolved, and quickly came up with a plan.

I went to some lame-ish business meetup, which was quite lame but I thought I could poach an easy MILF-ish lay out it.

And sure enough, shows up a brunette Venezuelan, whom I’d luv to bang. I ignore her for a bit, talk to other people, then sense a proximity IOI (since Im the coolest fucking dude there), and an accidental touch. I go in.

Friendly chatting, some indirect-direct material, I touch the target a few times while making a point. I sense some potential, but cannot fully isolate her. She leaves and comes back to my group. I do the same.

Now the key to any business-y social event – and I have over a decade of world-class experience in this – is that there is a degenerate minority who will stay out later than everybody and will continue drunk shenanigans. Find that group, become its core member, and make sure your target is lured into as well (they usually are because it’s fun and horny girls like to have fun).

So as we are closing in on midnight when a group of fun loving people heads over to another bar, which is a small bar/club with a cool lower vibe. It kinda reminded me of Lower East Side bars a decade ago.

We drink couple more rounds and there’s some light dancing.

I gotta isolate this girl and escalate and I do not want to do it in front of the group for obvious reasons.

“You smoke?” I ask the target in attempt to isolate, but she doesn’t.

“Then come with me for a cigarette!” I say, ever so cleverly.

She complies and I lead her through the crowd holding her hand.

Basic compliance ✅

I so elegantly DHV by bumming a cigarette from another girl and she comments how I get what I want cause of my European looks.

Now I am standing close to her and am steeling her beer by repeatedly taking a bottle out of her hand, taking a sip, and giving it back to her to hold.

I am very proud of my slightly buzzed game, play with her hair a bit, and soon go in for a kiss. She declines and gives me a lecture that if I want to get laid I need to offer something more blah blah blah and points out that there’s many other girls that I can get laid with here.

“That’s an excellent point” I thought to slightly drunk myself, and take her contact info (after trying again to kiss her again, of course).

Shortly after she leaves with a friend I see another dude from the impromptu social group I came with. I gave him a beer from a round I bought before and we are kinda friendly. We were slightly in competition for my target before, but dude actually has bit of a game so we become allies – hit on couple 2sets that he talked to before (as we were part of a larger fun group, we were actually getting quite a few IOIs).

Shortly after I decide I want another cigarette because I love smoking when Im bit buzzed. In hindsight, I do it a bit instinctively as I dislike the bars, the crowds, and the music – I’d rather hit on 2 sets right outside of the bar/club or just DTF ones walking down the street (they usually going to or leaving a bar).

My impromptu wing comes with me and we strategize a bit about the girls and how to get laid tonight.

Then suddenly my radar goes off and I am in DEFCON 1: I see a tall girl in tight dress leaving through the small outside patio and and past bouncers onto the street. Wing and I look at each other and acknowledge how hot she was. There’s something about the way she moves, look on her face, bit of a sad energy…”Im gonna talk to her reaaallll quick” I say past my shoulder as my feet are already moving in her direction.

I catch up with her a bit down the street.

“Excuuuuuuussssee meeeeee, I hooooope you speak english!”

“A little bit”

She’s Colombian and also she somehow immediately hooks and sits on the bench and I am sitting next to her and speaking broken spanish and some english and 5 minutes into it suggest going for a drink somewhere else. It’s like 3:30am at this point and most of the bars are closed.

I lead her to one place that is open, and she is ok to go in, but says she’s not crazy about it.

“Then why don’t we have a drink on the roofdeck on my building?” – I use my Roofdeck Bounce Line (TM)

(I always say this even if there’s no fucking roofdeck in my building – you take her to your room first to pick up the wine/drinks and then you never leave. Wine is perfect cause you can play music “while you open it” and allow her to be comfortable. They are usually a bit tired after a walk and are not eager to leave the couch. I always imagine you can say you forgot roof is closed at night if she asks but they never remember about the roofdeck in the end)

She agrees and we start walking. And I somehow managed to get lost (even though we are 3 blocks away) so I call Uber and we wait for it sitting on the grass.

We come home, there’s some resistance, “I just met you” type of nonsense. I soon close since we are both semi drunk and we pass out. She kept wanting it slow (so it lasts a long time) and kept saying don’t come in me. It sounds cool in Spanish but I forgot how it goes.

The Morning After

The real fun started in the morning when she woke up and felt bit guilty about the whole thing.

“i have to go home!” she says first thing.

Im feeling a bit horny so I talk to her and she shortly re-discovers what a charming guy I am. We move semi naked to my couch. She sits on my lap facing me. After 15 minutes of this she mentiones again she needs to go home so I offer to call her an Uber and ask her to put in the address. But before I confirm it, I recall I still want to bang her again, so start kissing her breast and soon I am on top of her rubbing my dick against her clit and soon we are banging again.

I was super into her – despite her small tits, she had a tight body and we were banging all morning. After that she went home and we met up in the afternoon.

The original girl from the last night was keen to meet up but I was hangover and decided to see the Colombian girl again, which I didn’t regret. She was 21 (half my age!), a part time student, and working in movie industry in the meantime. Despite the communication difficulties we had a great afternoon together. She was a high 7, and even an 8 at moments and I throughly enjoyed her giggly girly silly energy (and another bang later on).

From what I gathered she must have recently broken up with her boyfriend. We never spoke explicitly about it but there was kinda “rebound fuck” energy to our whole 36h romance.

If I was staying in South America for longer I would try to keep her in a rotation. But it was a bit hard in Spanish and I already have a handful of regulars around the world to text so I didn’t feel like it.

I was thinking about seeing her in the remaining two days in the country but my introverted nature kicked in and I longed for solitude and immersing myself in my work.

Married D2 Long Game

Long and unfruitful dg session coming to an end.

“Let’s approach 2-sets” said my wing as the day turned into an evening.

Before we know it, we’re accosting 2 young girls rolling out of a bar. The hotter one makes it clear she has a husband, and I end up chatting with the less hot one. I end up getting contact details of both (wings phone was dead and she was married anyways).

I ping the uglier one and take her out on a date. I’m not excited at all and after exactly 90 minutes I have her in front of my apartment. “If she comes in I bang her” I resolve graciously. She doesn’t.

Few days/weeks later I see that the hotter married one is looking at my Instagram stories so I ping her and she replies.

Then 3 months of texting ensues. She refuses to come out on the date several times, and reminds me that she is married. But she replies and we keep an on and off chat, interrupted by my busy travel schedule. She keeps looking at my stories and replying though I’m a bit concerned its texting to nowhere.

With time she opens up a bit and asks me things like “have you been in situation like this?” (ie with a married girl) and some follow up questions.

She’s feisty to a point of being bit annoying and tries to control the frame in our chats. Massive shit tests about our age difference.

Eventually we schedule a date to my surprise. And Im even more surprised when she shows up looking pretty hot.

She stated explicitly that she does not want to be seen by any of her friends, so I pick a quieter venue off the main street. As we walk she seems a bit nervous and walks fast so I lay comfort pretty heavly – but not forgetting asserting my frame and not letting her lead (eg calling her out on walking very fast and not even knowing where she’s going).

We sit down and have a beer each. I pick a table with stools. She’s still a bit concerned that she will bump into friends. “I don’t know what I would do” she says, and I think to myself – “Wow cool this is real Secret Society shit”

She takes forever to drink hers, but we’re having a good chat and she relaxes a bit. Slight kino tests, surprisingly positive. Ask her a bit about her situation but don’t wanna push it. She’s been married for couple years and seems to regret being married a bit. Bored vibes and not enough attention from her husband is what I am sensing.

And I’m here to help!

I help her finish her beer and in the back of my mind Im thinking about the next destination. Im thinking another bar but cannot go to usual ones bc of the secrecy concerns.

Something in my mind tells me “Extract her home now. She’s ready”

It can’t be, it can’t be. Too soon, but I obey my instinct, help her finish the beer and walk her towards my apartment while bamboozling away with nonsense.

I walk towards my building door fully expecting to hear “I’m not coming in!” But I never hear it. She walks into the building and then my front door.

“What am I doing here?” she says once she’s already inside. But we’re already chilling listening to the music and drinking wine.

I give her space and we sit on my L-shaped couch. 10 minutes in I come in for a kiss and she doesn’t let me kiss her. So I roll back.

“You’re annoying me” she says at some point and I think that she’s gonna leave now.

But she doesn’t.

Bit more flirting and I go in for another kiss and she let’s me do it. It steadily escalates to more kissing, sitting on my lap, grinding, etc.

It goes slow but there’s progress. “Waiting is better than the actual thing” she says.

She’s actually the one that stands up and leads me to my bedroom.

In bedroom there’s bit more LMR, I go down on her a bit, and boom, against my suspicion Im inside of her.

During the debrief it turns out that she decided during the first 10 minutes of meeting me, she would have sex with me.

Another daygamer pointed out that the extended texting replaced the first date or two, hence the speedy conclusion.

Since I am traveling we are now texting and she is into BDSM and we’re planning some some fun.

+1 Moscow 26yo Siberian girl

Just finished my gym and was walking back to my airbnb around noon.

My wing was getting into town the same afternoon so I was saving energy for an intense afternoon daygame session.

But when this petite girl walked by, I had to approach. If I didn’t it would be a weasel. I didn’t quite see their face, but I sped up a bit and kinda caught a glimpse confirming she was approach-worthy.

Then Boooom! I am in front of her.

I was focusing on being less logical and more flirty lately so I open with an enthusiastic vibe. Probably stacking a bit too much but she’s laughing and enjoying it. She asks me to walk with her a bit.

OK, she might be in a hurry and it’s part of the mating ritual in Moscow to walk and talk. There’s a few long traffic lights so we get to chat a bit and the vibe is sexual and flirty.

She has nothing to do so Insta date. As it’s starting to rain a bit I whisk her into a cafe nearby.

We both have cappuccinos, some comfort, touching. The vibe is so good I’m thinking SDL at this point, but she says she will not come up to my apartment to watch a movie (which I seeded in the cafe).

Texting ensues. She responds enthusiastically. And next day we are on a date. We end up having hot wine (cause moscow was fucking cold despite it being July), which I seeded when we first met. Refused kiss attempted but receptive to escalation and compliant.

Then we walked a while and ended up grabbing a quick bite at a food court – she had a borsht and I had Pielimieni and we each had a beer. Then we walked some more and had another drink at a cocktail bar. Kiss attempt #181 at this point and she lets me kiss her lips though doesn’t reciprocate.

We walk a bit more and she must be a bit buzzed cause I am, and she is half my size.

“Are you gonna try to kiss me again?”

“No not here, see that spot over there? I’ll try over there”

Later, in a dark spot on a side street, smelling romantically of cat urine, I pull her in and hold her head and properly make out with her. Few more make outs follow grabbing her ass and pulling her hair.

She says she has to go back to meet her friend and go home. I say ok and take a major 15-minute re-route to walk by my apartment.

God bless girls with poor sense of direction.

Another make out session with her pinned against gray wall of communist-style building. Ass grabbing, her hand on my cock, and her saying “you kiss me like a bad boy!”.

To someone who came from a nice guy background hearing these words is like a badge of honor.

She decides against coming up. I give her a kiss on the lips and go upstairs to take a piss, and promptly join my wing for some night game.

Next morning I notice that she texted me about 10 minutes after I went to bed. Just my name and smile. Booty call? Maybe. I reply around 2pm and she asks me to “walk” this evening, which is a code name for a date in Russia.

We meet up, I kiss her on the lips. We have a coffee to go and walk around. Long fucking walk. We stop by another food court and get some pasta and a bottle of wine. We eat and drink. Walk around and coincidently we are right by my apartment. I open the front gate and overcome token resistance.

Then at the front door to my building the Great Defense of Moscow starts.

“You might be a psychokiller!”

“You are to aggressive! I am scared!”

“You could be a human trafficker!”

“You’re saying this because you are negotiating!”

10 minutes of fucking resistance while I’m holding the front doors to my apartment building open. I’m getting very sick of this and about to tell her to go home.

Finally, she makes a leap of faith and literally almost jumps into my apartment building.

We go up to my apartment and give her space. A lot of space.

She doesn’t want more wine. So I have some and give her water. At some point she asks me to drink her water presumably to check if it was drugged. I drink it all and sit on the sopha and she sits on the chair nearby.

She says that she needs to decide if she wants to stay with me or go home cause she is missing the last metro but it sounds like her mind is made up.

Ok. Play it slow. No need to rush. Turn on the movie.

“I’m not gonna watch this movie! You’re a sneaky fox! There’s a sex scene in it!” (taling about Vicky Cristina Barcelona which I seeded before and she said it was on her list).

“Ok than you find a movie”

She picks one but we couldn’t get it to play. I said let’s just watch my movie and she again strongly objects! WTF?! Eventually I just play Vicky Cristina (cause I have it downloaded) and she really gets into it.

We’re sitting on the couch and I slowly escalate and at some point I have my finger in her pussy. Then just pick her up, take her to bed and fuck her.

She insists on condom and wouldn’t give me a BJ.

I bang her again in the morning but by that time I have about 0 interest in her.

It was really strange. Within 24h my interest in her went from super high when we were making out by my door the first night she did not wanna come up, to basically not wanting to see her again.

I haven’t had a proper daygame lay in a while (was mostly night, gutter, or online) so this was a much needed win.

Viva Daygame.

2018 Review: Memorable Moments

In our player’s journey there are moment’s that are imprinted into our memories for years to come.

Detailed stats are in Part 1 of this post.

These are some of mine from last year:

1. [Asia]

My first lay of the year was a Tinder date (mid 20s, 6). From the meeting by subway station at 10pm-ish we went directly to my apartment. During the 10 minute walk she threatened and warned me that she has a knife and will stab me if she needed. I agreed & amplified.

Speaking of blood – she was on her period too.

2. [Asia]

My mate’s date brought her hot little sister on a date. He called me, and I showed up with my charisma guns blazing. And I ended up making out with the little sister that night. And banging her after a 5 day courtship. She was an 8, 22, highly K-selected, and I was her 2nd guy.

3, [Asia]

Matched on Tinder (at 8am while taking a shit) with a Malaysian 19yo vixen ( a very high 7) who had hots for older white guys and serious daddy issues.

Banged her on the first date that night.

2nd night she shows up at the bar wearing stockings, then decideds to take them off in the bathroom.

“You should have taken your underwear off too” I say when she comes back.

“I am not wearing any” she replies without skipping a beat.

After date number 3 she shit a bed in my hotel room due to some terrible food poisoning she got. She also gave me Chlamydia.

Gotta love romantic endings.

4. [Australia]

A late 20s, low 7, girl I fucked at a business conference said (in the after-sex interview) that she noticed me because I looked “rebelious”.

I probably could have closed the night I met her but I really needed to take a shit so I was actually glad she offered some resistance when I attempted to go to her hotel room and just closed it on the 2nd day.

5. [South America]

My friend told his Tinder date in South America to bring 2 amigas for his 2 amigos.

The trio arrived as another trio picked up at a salsa club was leaving our airbnb apartment (although we did not bang the 1st trio) and it was funny to see girls pass each other and check each other out.

The second trio though came ready to bang and after some drunk Reagetaon dancing we each banged one (mine was probably a 6, mid 20s, had babies I think).

6. [Central Europe]

Daygamed and banged a 7 – news reporter in her late 20s who makes regular appearances on mainstream TV in one of the central european countries.

7. [Europe]

A 30yo, 7-ish girl from business conference went from “wait no sex today” to “oh fuck me harder” in the same breath when I ignored her feeble objections and put it in anyways in the garden outside the venue.

8. [Russia]

Went on the Tinder date which fizzled out and the girl left.

Frustrated I went to meet up my friends and ended up hitting on a super hot girl. Who turned out to be a drunk hooker. I was so desperate I was negotiating a price but she left me anyways.

Buzzed and pissed off I started walking home around midnight and spotted a MILF (a 7, her 30s) in the outside area of the bar. I yelled something like “You! You look SO serious” from the street. She hooked and within 15 minutes I had my hand on her ass and was whispering to her “I like your friends but they have to go home now”. Then she told me she is on her period and we went to get condoms and fuck in my apartment.

She yelled “I AM YOUR DIRTY RUSSIAN WHORE!!!” as I was unleashing my frustrations by fucking her in the ass.

Later the next day I got an angry message from my Airbnb host because the cleaning staff found blood on the sheets and condom on the floor. The cleaning staff refused to pick up the condom for the reminder of my stay (and so did I).

9. [North America]

One night I decided to not go out and went to bed early. Around midnight I hear loud banging on my door – it was my friend and airbnb flatmate with two girls he brought from a bar. He was, however, drunk and forgot that he also texted his local LTR girl to come. Since the LTR was convinced she was his girlfriend some drama ensued and I ended up alone with 2 girls, in my bedroom and on my bed. I was hoping for a 3 some but one of them was a prude.

The other one briefly sucked my dick while her friend was in the other room, and fucked me next day (also was on her period probably the worst I have seen this year).

I’m thinking late 20 or early 30s, a 7.

10. [North America]

Another early 20s 7 nightgame SNL refused making out in the club because she’s not into PDA. As I realized her friends where around, I cabbed it to my airbnb right there and then. Shes aid it was the best sex in her life (I spanked her hard with my belt and made her beg for sex).

There were at least two quality near misses.

And multiple contacts from 8s who subsequently flaked (but more on that in Part 3 – Plans for 2019).

2018 Review – Part 1: Stats and Overview

It was a bloody year.

18 new bangs. And many of them on a period.

Oldest one was 34 and youngest 19.

I have done more nightgame/guttergame and an ungodly amount of online (please do not judge me, daygame purists). That had to do with intensive travel schedule and a big chunk of time spent in Asia, where online works ok for me (read: it gets me laid with 6s and 7s when I am too weasely/lazy to do daygame).

In this 1st part, I will quickly overview the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2018.

Part 2 will deal with the highlights/lowlights related to pick up – girls (spontaneously) yelling “I’m your dirty Russian whore” during anal sex, girls (also spontaneously) shitting my bed, flatmates escaping through the windows from their girlfriends, etc.

Part 3 will be about what I will improve next year.

The Good

I’m 41 years old and I banged more girls this year than any other calendar year of my life (vast majority of them more than a decade younger than me). For example I banged 11 in 2017 and 7 in 2016 and total of 18 in 2011-2015 combined.

I’ve been on 6 continents and fucked on 5 of them. Africa was an exception though I fucked an American-born Ugandan in the US (Btw this is a cool movie about Uganda).

This was year of quick sex, often with less than ideal quality. The plus here is that my escalation skills and verbal bamboozling skills are quite sharp now.

It was also the first calendar year in a decade where I was truly not in a relationship. I was not worried about it and was willing to walkaway from any girl at any time (and I did on couple occasions). In vast majority of cases – I fucked them and I simply left them without looking back. In the past, I clinged to girlfriends out of fear of loneliness. This change felt very fucking freeing.

Most importantly perhaps, my game is best it has ever been. Even online gaming helped me hone my text game.

Oh and let’s not forget: I met some really cool guys through daygaming communities around the world.

The Bad

In many ways this year feels like I’ve overbinged at McDonalds on cheap food.

There were too many older girls, and not enough girls in early twenties or late teens (see stats below).

The quality was not high enough – too many 6s and not enough 8s.

There were too many Asians (10) and Blacks (2) in the mix for my liking and not enough Whites (5) and Latinas (1).

The Ugly

I’ve drank waay too much on several occasions. I cock blocked myself several times because of drunkenness (miscalibrated escalation and girls who were up for it but backing out at different phases of pick up because I was too inebriated). I’ve gotten ripped off a few times as a consequence, and had a few too many brutal hangovers.

There are issues with my game, and especially daygame that I need to fix. That is in addition to changes in my lifestyle. I’ve come to far not to become great at it. But that’s all in upcoming Part 3 of this post.

And perhaps most importantly on some level I’ve gotten a strong revulsion to daygame during the last quarter of this year. Weasels were strong and excitement was not there. This again is perhaps a function of intense travel, forcing myself to do daygame when there was no sets, and not being too robotic and simply not having fun while daygaming. So I’m taking it easy next few weeks, focusing on fitness, health, happiness.


Where was I this year?:

Few months each in: Poland, Thailand, US.

Weeks in: Russia, Colombia, Singapore.

Pickup Channel:

3 daygame lays

4 nightgame/guttergame lays

6 social (ie intro by wing & social/business event game)

5 online game (asia)

Hotnes (my scale is quite conservative):

1 eight.

10 sevens.

7 sixes.


9 SNLs (all 5 online/1 guttergame/ 3 social)

6 D2s

2 D3s (both daygame in Poland)

1 D5 (8 from Thailand)

Age (my best conservative guess in many cases):

20-24: 2

25-29: 10

30+: 6


7 out of 18 I had sex more than once. That means 11 out of 18 were true one night stands.

Summertime Drought

It’s been a rough month.

At the end of June my mini-harem disintegrated within a few days.

  • I lost 1 girl to jealousy and something I must have said when I was drunk last time I saw her (lesson there: do not schedule a booty call after night out of very heavy drinking).
  • Girl number 2, I made a mistake of hanging out with her friends couple times and going to a music festival with her (where I was clearly following her lead cause it was more of her scene). And not fucking her hard enough. I slipped into the boyfriend territory. Feel like her desire for me weakened and decided to cut it off myself.
  • 3rd girl I have never actually fucked but was thought I was pretty closed to. Especially when she brought her stuff to my apartment to spend the night and the weekend there. When she was all naked and I was about to put it in, she decided she does not want to do it, packed her shit and left.

All that happened in the span of a week (to be fair girls 1 & 2 were late 20s so I felt it was time to move on anyways at some point soon).

On top of that July set in in Warsaw, making sets scarce. And flaky.

I’ve done about 68 daygame approaches

  • out of which I’ve gotten about 8 contact numbers (phone/fb/igram).
  • Got 1 girl out on a date – 27yo, lil unhappy about my age on day 2 at venue 1 (rare), full on kissing venue 2, upset when I suggest a drink at mine, more kissing, making out and ass/tits grabbing by the exit of the cocktail bar, says how confident I am, gives me a ride home. And never comes out on a second date.
  • At least 3-4 other leads seemed very solid but ultimately flaked or unable to get them out on a date but couple still responsive (which means maybe I can close in the future).

Nightgame was equally frustrating.

  • Approached a 2-set a the table and shortly after my wing and I are sitting with them. Find out “my” girl just broke up with her boyfriend. “Bingo” I think. My wing’s girl disappears and so does my wing. We end up drinking, smoking, and making out until 8am but she refuses to come to my apartment. I wake up with a crushing headache and equally crushing blue balls. Week later the story repeats itself and I delete her number.
  • Instagram-close from a bar that I was not able to get out on a date
  • FB close (in front of her boyfriend) girl who was super-keen on me and my friends (they approached us and actually bought us drinks – well in exchange for places to sit down). Never replied to the feeler.

I tried to push for more sets last week to make it to 1000 before I leave on Wednesday. Which led to many blow outs because I started doing sets out of my comfort zone, low probability sets, and sets I’m just not that into.

Talking to other guys here they were struggling as well this month.

University ends here in June and all non-student Varsovians make it a point of honor to get the f*ck out of Warsaw in the months of July and August. Those who are left are bitter, angry, and in a hurry.

I’m very zen about all this. Must be all the mediation I’ve been doing. This will pass. And all in all it’s been a good month – I pushed my comfort zone. I fought weasels. I learned to maintain my vibe in between sets, especially when solo. I started doing more stationary sets, girls sitting outside at the cafes etc. None of this would happen if I had my little harem going on because, well, it’s the pain and hunger that drives us my friends.

The strongest steel is forged through the fires of hell.

(but you’re not going to catch me here in July or August ever again)

Warsaw Daygame in July

The Princess near miss

I stop this fast walking girl late in the eveing on major daygame routes in Warsaw.

22-yo student. A very solid 7. My wing was watching from behind and he later said he could see outline of her sexy panties under her tight skirt.

She had some cosmetic procedure done to her eye-lashes just before and was concious about her look but the energy was good. She was going away for few days. As she was an engineer I kept up some light texting about how she has to design a gigantic castle for me in Warsaw etc. She says that my stop “made her day”

When we were scheduling the meet up about a week to 10 days later, she wanted to meet in the center of old town (so there’s many people around in case im a pscho-killer, she explained later).

“Dress cute, so we match ;)” I text as per usual

“I will be your princess tonight” she replies

And look like a princess she did. I watched her emerge from behind the column in Warsaw’s historic Old Town. Beautiful light blue dress, heels, and long blond hair. Amazing thing about the daygame is that they always typically look better than how you remember them.

If she was this hot, I would cry over this near miss

We went for a walk around the old town and she started becoming comfortable pretty quickly. I took her to a classy bar (she just wanted a coffee) that I like but it was busy and it cigar smell was pretty strong so I suggested we walk to another one (close to my apartment where I intended to devour the princess).

It was a long 45 minute stroll, given that she was wearing heels. It felt quite romantic, evening breeze, and all. Light kino, which she seemed to gladly absorb. There was magical feeling about it. In hindsight, because there was a long time from meet to D2 and she was away in her small home town, she must have built up some fantasy of me.

Finally, we made it to my go-to date coffee shop (they have nice chocolates and wine in addition to coffee). We take coffee (for her), wine (for me), and chocolates (to share) to go. The girl behind the counter makes some comment “oh yes, yes, as always” since I have been to that shop 3 days in the row that week on dates with different girls. I don’t think she meant it as a cock-blocking comment, but my girl kinda picked up on it (not sure if it was positive or negative) but I just said “oh yeah, im a regular customer here since i live around”

I take her to a park few minutes away. The way she looks at me, she’s totally mesmerized and ready for a kiss.

We walk a bit more and I made out with her. She melts into me. I suggest another coffee/wine place near me, but it turns out to be closed so I just take her to my apartment.

We sit on my balcony and make out and I carry her to my bedroom saying something about princesses etc.

Making out is good and soon I unbotton her princessy dress and am fingering her on my bed.

I try to go for a fuck but it is then, as I take off my jeans, when the bubble bursts and she says “You’re just trying to fuck me!”

As I go to the bathroom I do a quick mental check. I met up with her less than two hours ago and I am fingering her on my bed. She’s a smart and beautiful 22yo. Very K-selected. I was moving too fast. Her rational brain sounded the alarm which pierced the love bubble.

Mood goes a bit sour from there, she gets dressed very quickly, and wants to leave. I walk her out to get a taxi. She complains a bit how guys just try to fuck her.

Despite the fact that she gave me nothing but green lights for escalation along the way, it was too much for her to realize we are about to have sex.

Nash has quite a bit of discussion on his blog about how “she has the break, you have the accelerator” and how you have to drive in a way she never has to use it.

In this case she never had to use the break. She got distracted by the love bubble and her fantasies my smooth game, but somehow we got to the final destination too fast and she had “where the fuck am I, what the fuck I am about to do, good princess like me don’t do dat shit” moment.

We text couple times next day but I quickly get a sense that that lead is dead.

In hindsight, I would have taken it much slower in my apartment. Maybe watch a movie. Kiss. Don’t rush for the close.

Well, Krauser makes an analogy somewhere in Daygame Mastery that in order to find out what your car is capable of you need to crash it a few times.

Viva daygame.

Crashing it, yesterday
Crashing, yesterday

Warsaw Diaries

I arrived to Warsaw end of May, the weather was amazing and there was quite a bit of talent out on the streets.

I contacted Mickey Miller via his blog and he introduced me to Warsaw daygame community which really boosted my spirits and provided for some great company over the coming days.

I’ve done about 50 sets over 7-10 days and collected a whole lot of positive references. Then I was out of town again. Then the week I came back weather wasn’t great and I was re-banging the girls I closed. Next week Im out for a few days again and then 2nd half of July plan to approach a lot.

There were 2 lays:

Mid 20s Artsy Chick

It was in the evening around 8-9pm. We were having beers with the guys and sniper-approaching whenever we saw some hot girls passing by. It was still light out and cool breeze made it more comfortable.

I saw a hot blonde and approached her. She spit out “I have a boyfriend” pretty quick but I just ignored it and kept on. Later she said how impressed she was that it did not phase me. She told me that she gets approached quite a bit and usually the boyfriend comment sends the guys home with tail between their legs.

Another interesting things was that she gave me her instagram and wouldnt give the phone number. The reason, I was told later, was to screen me. Have a solid instagram profile, guys.

Couple dates, and a bang.

Late 20s journalist

Another girl I met on the same street, wouldn’t stop and made me walk with her. I complied for a bit and then said “Listen I would love to walk with you to the ends of the earth, but I left my friends and will have to go back”. Chatted for a bit while standing (interrupted by some phonecalls she received). I did not think much of it but she replied enthusiastically to my feelers. Her texting was a bit hot and cold but I attribute it to her busy schedule. Turns out she’s a TV presenter. That made me want bang her more. We banged on the 3rd date.

Take-aways and random thoughts

My biggest take-away and improvement lately was the power of my stop. My friends could tell me they could hear me from the other side of the street when I was stopping girls. Be loud, be proud, be confident – it puts women at ease.

Also noticed that I am loosing ability to relate to people who are not in the game. I meet cool people whom I respect a lot but I feel that they will never be able to “get me”, they will never understand the thrill of the chase, the pain, the rejections, the glory of “+1” moments. Daygame is a big part of my identity now.

On another note, a guy visiting from overseas whom I met here were discussing seduction in other places than street (work, lounges at the airports, clubs etc.) which call for a different type of game. We coined a concept of “Total Game” – ability to game in different types of situations that you find yourself in during the course of your day-to-day life. Multidimensional game. We need to evolve and challenge ourselves.

Hoping to break 1000 approaches this month.

1 „year” of daygame

Returned from Asia and Australia to my snowy European town and immediately went into “hybernation” mode.

Jet-leg, cold weather, and 5 new notches so far this year, made me forget about women for a few days. I craved solitude with my thoughts and a hot cup of tea.

I got serious about daygame at the end of February 2016. Yeah, I had done couple bootcamps before. And number of aproaches around the world with my friends or even solo. But it did not lead to any lays, partly because daygame is hard and party because I was not fully committed.

How did I get serious? At the end of 2015 I broke things of with my on-and-off girlfriend, and in February 2016, I had a mini-heartbreak after a near-miss “snake seduction” with a sexy Singaporean chic (posing as a travel friend to get into her pants). I ended up in Singapore, alone, and had “fuck it” moment – the emotional pain was worse than fear or anxiety. I started decisively approaching girls who were walking by. Had several good reactions, which raised my vibe, and resulted in me having phone full of contact, and more importantly, 2 lays over the next several days.

But you say, that was 2016 so it should be 2 years of daygame…Well, correct: I took a year off for a relationship with another girl and made almost no daygame apporaches during that time (except in the begining and towards the end of the realtionship). I did sleep with 5 other girls behind her back, but these were 4 social situations plus just 1 daygame lay just before I broke up with her.

So during the 2 years I was roughly daygame active for 12 months: 6 before I turned 39 and 6 after I turned 40.

During that “year” I made around 850 approaches resulting in 11 purely daygame lays (did not record number of # closes and dates):


    • 4 in Singapore (during 2 different trips)
    • 2 in USA (Austin and Chicago)
    • 3 in Warsaw
    • 2 in Bangkok


    • Oldest was 37 (and married – my 1st daygame lay), youngest 23.
    • 6 were under 25.
    • 5 were 30 or more.


    • 7 7s
    • 3 6s
    • 1 8

I got additional 11 lays from Social/Night game (8, including my ex) and Tinder (3) [Note: technically, 6 lays during my “year” of daygame, and 5 when I was not actively daygaming].

So given that my lifetime lay count is 60, you can see these were 2 very productive years. I clearly was doing something that I was not doing before for almost 40 years of my life.

Why did I get laid more?

  • I tried harder. I left my girlfriend (for the 12-months I didn’t date subsequent girl, that is).
  • Daygame. Pretty self-explanatory, daygame accounted for half of my notches.
  • Daygame made me Antifragile. As they say in “Fight Club”, “after fighting anything else in your life got the volume turned down. you could deal with anything” – same goes for pick up in more social situations.
  • Escalation/logistics: Paid better attention to escalation and logistics

Highs? Lows?

February and March 2016 were awesome since early success in daygame made me enthusiastic about it.

New york visit in April-May 2016 kicked my ass and starting a new relationship around then lowered my motivation.

Getting back into daygame in 2017 was hard. My vibe was bad (due to post-break up shake up and stressful business issues) and I somehow treated daygame as a chore. I faced lots of blow outs, anxiety, and not-such-fun times but managed 6 notches from daygame. That trend continued till end of 2017.

2018, I got laid 5 times (although only 1 from daygame) in little over 2 months and felt like my vibe improved, my handle of the daygame model, and composure really came along. Daygame Infinite book helped a lot in terms of the vibe management, mindset, pre-approach calibration, and texting (the book BTW is pure gold – I put reading it on hold though to re-read Mastery first – but will surely write a review this year).

In hindsight, what were the most improtant take-aways from that “year”?

  • be in the moment, not in my head
  • have a proper stack before you approach, and listen to what she is replying
  • smirk and speak slow
  • eye contact
  • maintain and cherish the vibe (happy thoughts, happy chatter, stay in the moment)
  • when texting, don’t rush a date invite, warm up the lead and see where she’s at.
  • push outside your comfort zone, a little bit each day.
  • do first few approaches as soon as possible (“she might not be an 8. Or even 7. But I fucked girls like that from tinder”). walking around for the first hour and doing only 1 or 2 approaches is bad for energy and vibe.
  • better rapport breaking and spiking Tom Torero’s “How to Flirt with Girls” is an excellent reseource which I re-read several times. Better over-spike than under-spike.

What are my goals for the upcoming year?

  • 1000 daygame sets with focus on approaching (as per Krauser’s Daygame Mastery):
        1. exceptionally hot girls
        2. DNA-tugs
        3. Spider-sense
  • be present more during my sessions and my life in general, esp when interacting with others
  • have fun, be enthusiastic
  • push limits – more stationary and high pressure approaches
  • improve night-game (without getting drunk)


This year, I had 2 Tinder SDLs, mini-relationship with a solid 22yo 8, 1 daygame D2, followed by seducing a very innocent girl at a business conference.

As I relfect on last year, I noticed that something has changed deep in my soul. I am not craving a comfort of a relatioship anymore. Previously, I structured my life around having a girl to run to for comfort when the world got rough and scary. My jobs, living locations, and happiness, were dictated by this need and I spend a ton of resources, time, and energy to ensure that shelter existed.

Now I feel certain I will find girls, have hot sex, and romantic adventures wherever I go. If there’s a dry spell, it will pass. I am relaxed. I don’t feel anxiety. I don’t feel lonliness. I just sit here and enjoy my tea, and reflect on life. I feel satiation. I feel peace. I feel clarity of mind. This is a huge difference from a year ago when I was gathering the strength to break up with my ex.

But more so. This is the first time in my life I feel like this and it’s a major breakthrough.

It’s a new chapter. And I’m fucking excited to live it.

Banging in Bangkok (Part 2)

Less than a week to go in Bangkok and I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve conceded the fact that I didn’t get a proper daygame lay.

Went to the mall to eat and after making effortless 2-3 approaches (that did not go anywhere probably because of “no english” or some other reason), I was going to call it a day and chill.

But then I saw her. Walking in the Embassy Central mall, 1 floor below me. The way she walked…like she wanted to get fucked…like it’s described in the Daygame Infinite pre-approach section. It caught my eye because I’ve been blind approaching up to this point. I’ve been hesitant to focus on IOIs too much because I knew I would use it as an excuse to weasel out and not approach. But, I decided to keep the signs in the back of my mind so that I can learn how to spot them.

And somehow this girl fit the picture. She kinda gave me a quick look as she was coming up the escalator (IOI?) and I stopped her shortly after she reached the top and started walking.

“Excuse me, I hope you speak english”

I dont remember how the stack went but she spoke fluent English as she studied in the US for a year in high school. We joked about US, and I made sure the convo was fizzy and energetic.

She was a nurse, 24 years old,

I made sure to spike the convo up as this was my weakness in the past:

  • when she says that she has a job now and is not a student anymore, I said “oh look at you, you’re all grown up now…”
  • when she said something about being here for dinner, and I asked “You said you’re here for TINDER? Oh my god…”

She enjoyed the convo and my accusations and vibes were good. Her logical mind would kick in every now and then “I can’t believe I am talking to you”.

There was this fun energy and electricity in the air and yet you could feel her being a bit scared. When I rocked my body forward a bit she would move away a bit. It was sexual, it was like a dance. Like a girl that meets a big furry monster in the woods and she is both intrigued by him yet scared of him.

I think Krauser talks about defensive, slightly intimidated pussy being good for attraction and this was definitelly the case here.

She seemed to really be going to dinner and I wanted to quit at the high point so I number closed and went home. Somewhere between 5-10 min set.

She replied to a feeler the same night we texted a little bit. Again I made an effort not to ask for a date right away as I used to in the past but worked on warming it up a bit first.

Stepping up my text game, yesterday

Since she said that the next day was her day off I asked if she wants to meet for a coffee. She replied the next morning as she fell asleep already (or maybe was not sure then).

We set up a date for 5pm which became more like 7:00pm cause we were both running late.

Venue 0, met her in the mall by info desk teased her about being late. She looked a bit less sexy than I remembered (later she explained she was going to her hospital so she could not dress to sexy), but I was determined to get that notch. Took her to a nice roofdeck bar. On the way I could sense she was a bit uneasy so I made sure to be cool and keep the convo going and tease her a bit and keep it fun.

We sat on the roofdeck drank a drink (thank god she drinks) and had a nice convo. A lot of comfort, get to know each other, light kino escalation (touching her ripped jeans and her hands). Despite bubbly American-style personality, she was shy like most Thai girls and could not sustain a prolonged eye contact with me.

“Stop looking at me like that!” she would say and giggle and hide her eyes like a little girl (Which game me a hard on).

We switched from comfort to attraction and comfort again and it was flowing nicely. I let the akward silence fall upon us later on to spike it up and show that I am not scared of silence and it worked well.

She became more comfortable and commented later on how I am “full of myself.” (in a “and hence I want your sperm to impregnate me” kinda way).

She had to get up at 7am next day, but it was still early maybe 9 or so, and she said something to the extend that “having to go to work doesn’t stop her from partying”. Plus I was leaving on Monday so it was now or never.

In the back of my mind I was thinking logistics. I was also a bit nervous about not escalating enough, but one of the things I told myself was to not escalate too quickly. Tthat’s actually one part of the game I have no problems with – I’m not scared to escalate really and if I sense she’s OK with it I’ll do it. In NYC, at night time, I kissed girls within minutes of talking to them or described to them how I want to fuck them in all sorts of kinky ways.

I was going to take her to another roofdeck or feel out if she wants to come to my apartment. So I said we are going to another bar, and on the way down I took her to another place in the same hotel that has a big bright lobby with an outdoor area a bit more secluded in attempt to try to kiss close her. However, it didn’t feel right to do it just yet and she had this eneergy “why did you bring me here” so I just said “Oh I just wanted to show you the view, I like it”.

The big bright lobby had live music and she liked it. I hesitated. It was too bright for Venue 2 and not private enough. But it was pretty empty and I liked the idea of not wasting time (and having to walk through the heat and noise) to move to another bar.

So we stayed and she sat next to me on the couch. She kinda knew one of the performers (boyfriend of her gay friend). More talk and she was very receptive to my touch (hair length touching routine etc.). Showing me pics of her in sexy evening dresses on her phone. I attempted to kiss close and she smiled and turned her head. “That’s fine I’ll try again in 5 minutes.” But she was OK with my hand under her shirt touching her bare back.

Conversation was more and more sexual. We talked about fuckbuddies (she said all her friends have one). And I threw out all the classic lines (worlds expects us to live this fairly tale disney fantasy but the reality is that we all have desires etc).

It really felt like I was being interviewed for the Secret Society.

The shittests kept flying here and there.

-“I’m a ladyboy!”, she stated.

-“I know. That’s exactly what I’m after”, I replied.

After couple kiss close attempts:

HER: “I’m going to ask for garlic so that I smell and you dont want to kiss me!”

ME: Garlic smelling ladyboys give me a hard on.

2 drinks down each (she mentioned something that she drinks more, the more drunk she gets, and I wasn’t going to stop her), and I decided to go for extraction.

ME: “Let’s go to my place. I have a pool on the roof and we can sit there and drink wine”

I knew very well, the pool closed half an hour ago, but this line has served me well in the past (even in places that had no roofdeck or pool at all) and I was not going to fuck around with a tool that works.

She agreed. It took a bit to get the check and we agreed it’s best to walk. It was an interesting 15 minute walk back. I felt that through out conversations and the way it felt, we both implicitly agreed we’re going to bang without explicitly stating that (under expicitly state “no expactations clause” of course). But I know that logical brain has it’s say and I talked a lot to keep it occupied. Nevertheless, I could feel her uneasiness and the logical brain taking over.

HER: “Am I going to be safe?”

ME: “No, I’m a very dangerous person”

HER: “I have a knife in my purse”

ME: “My fantasy is to get stabbed by a ladyboys with garlic breath. Perfect!”

She ended up back in my hotel. We picked up the wine in the little cafe downstairs (she chatted in Thai with the clerk who told her I always buy this wine apparently. I wondered if he told her that every time I buy it its with a different girl)

Conveniently she had to use the bathroom so we went to my room. She used the toiled, and I poured the wine and turned on the music. Then I used the toilet and by the time I came out she was sitting down on the chair. Girls are so predictable sometimes.

I sat down on the sofa next to it leaving space for her. Leaned back and started chatting. My intention was to never leave (which worked before) and even though she mentioned something about leaving to go to the roof, she said herself it’s nicer here becasue if AC.

I invited her to sit on the couch but she said no and said that she loved how comfy the chair was (in a joking way). So I just played it cool talked a bit more and let her get more comfortabe. After a bit I tried again and said I want to show her some pics.

She agreed and sat next to me and there was pictures and touching. I think I kissed closed her and kissed her neck and somehow the topic of sex came up.

HER: “I’m on my period”

ME: “I dont care its natural”

I was determined to get that notch so I made it seem like its no big deals and she was saying how its her 1st day and its supper bloody blah blah.

Long story short, she took a shower and I banged her 10-15 minutes later.

We chatted and she said how she told her gay friend before coming that “She needed to get fucked really hard”

That was interesting beacause she was on her period and hence not ovulating, but maybe she had no sex for a while. It was exciting news because that meant that my guess that she’s horny when I saw her was right!

Since she said that she wanted to get fucked hard, we went for more fucking. I was pulling her hair and choking her. She bit me and scratched. I would have face fucked her but couldnt because of the damn Chlamydia I contracted and was just diagnosed with 2 days before (make sure to wrap it on Tinder – or more like STDinder – dates, comrades. Even with decent looking 19-yo). But I spanked her, and at some point took of my belt, folded it in two and whipped her ass as hard as I could. I read it on some blog that you have to push her boundries to see where they are.

The finale was very magical. I sat comfortably on the couch, naked. And she kinda knelt by my left foot and put her face on my lap, cheek touching my thigh. It felt like she was totally dominated and submissive to my masculine energy. I put my hand in her hair and gently rubbed it saying “good girl, such a gooooood girl, in deep slow and low relaxed and satisfied voice. We stayed like that in darkness for a while, and it felt really good.

Afterwards I told her I want cigarette so she showered and called a taxi (I offered to get an uber but she siad she can get her own).

This was one of the most satisfying pick ups. Maybe because it didnt happen for a while. But also maybe I finally picked up a well-educated and working Thai-girl who seemed so ellusive up to this point. It felt like I got intertviewed for Secret Society, gave all the right answers, and was accepted.

Viva Daygame!